Riverfront Readings | KC

The Riverfront Readings series of poetry and fiction readings was started in Kansas City, Missouri in 1986 by Philip Miller and Donn Blevins. In those days, the location actually was in the Riverfront area, in the Kansas City Artists Coalition space. For many years we held most of our readings at “the castle”; where The Writers Place was located. Now, readings are at The Nonprofit Village at 31 W. 31st Street and other locations in the Kansas City area. Regular Riverfront readings are usually on the second Friday of the month, starting at 8:00 PM.

 Suspect Press | Denver, CO

Founded in 2013, Suspect Press is a Denver publishing company that blends the raw energy of zine culture with the editorial sharpness and commercial reach of mainstream publications. Publishing a quarterly arts and literature magazine features poetry, short stories, essays, comics and artwork primarily from Denver, Colorado, presented in a cleanly designed, vintage newsprint format, and delivered to various locations throughout the state, Suspect Press also publishes novels and comic books. And in addition to publishing, Suspect Press presents various music, literature and stand-up comedy events around the Denver and Boulder areas. 

Jump Start Art with Sharon Eiker | KC

Jump Start Art is a non-profit foundation organized to assist emerging and self-taught artists by providing community spaces for creative growth, accessible workshops in the arts, and by connecting these artists to community resources in theater, visual arts, literary art, spoken word, and poetry both locally and nationally. We are an organization made up of artists, poets, actors, dancers, musicians and lovers of art who have benefited from the generosity of others and choose to give back some of what we have been given. We do this to build up the community we live in, reduce violence, enrich our cultural lives and to fill in some of the void left by reduced funding of the arts in the public schools.

Flying Ketchup Press | KC

FLYING KETCHUP PRESS A Kansas City Publisher for the epic acceleration of great literature, poetry, children's books, and fine arts materials. Flying Ketchup Press ®, founded by Polly Alice McCann in 2018, to discover and develop new voices in poetry, drama, fiction and non-fiction with a special emphasis in new short stories. We are a publisher made by and for creatives in the Heartland. Our dream is to salvage lost treasure troves of written and illustrated work-- to create worlds of wonder and delight; to share stories. Maybe yours. Find us at www.flyingketchuppress.com

Kansas City Poetry Slam | KC

Kansas City Poetry Slam is a monthly competition-style poetry event that happens every first Wednesday of the month at The Brick in Kansas City, Missouri.

Spartan Press | Salina, KS

Spartan Press publishes the best of the Midwest poetry, including multiple Poet Laureates and even more first full-lengths from emerging poets. Find more info at spartanpresskc.com. Jason Ryberg is hosting the publisher’s panel.

Latino Writers Collective | KC

The LWC’s mission is to foster an environment where the voices of Latino students, blue collar workers, professionals, and homemakers can finally be heard, contributing their experience and vision to the larger Kansas City community. 

Arysn Spit Fire Open Mic | KC

To ignite and fan the flames of creativity while providing a space for growth, community, poetry, and the arts. This open mic happens every Tuesday at Equal Minded Cafe on KC’s east side, and features slam nights, live musical accompaniment, workshops and a tremendous community.

Poetic Underground | KC

Poetic Underground is a long-running poetry open mic in KCMO, happening every Wednesday at The Brick. 

 Stubborn Mule Press | KC

Stubborn Mule Press stands for working class people. We strive at every junction to illuminate and celebrate the neglected middle of not just America, but the world. The vast majority of us are some form of what are considered "marginalized" people. We at Stubborn Mule believe that all us side-lined folks are actually and factually the majority. We believe in the old hats and the new kids joining together to speak loud our experiences and our authentic voice, because that alone is the true news.Bring us your queers, persons of color, poor, country, urban, female, femme, male, disabled, butch, asexual, women, youth, old, non-binary, lesbian, gay, orphaned, refugee, immigrant, scientist, alchemist, anarchist, philosopher, historian, readers …

Clash Books | NH

CLASH Books is a melting pot of genres & cultures, where high & low art meet to make something entirely fresh & original. Our goal is to excite, stimulate & provoke new ways of thinking & seeing art, the world & our place in it. We represent an eclectic array of voices & points of view in fiction, nonfiction & poetry.

Speakeasy Reading Series | KC

The Speakeasy @ Swordfish Tom's highlights signature cocktails and poetry every first Sunday of the month at 7 p.m. in a dimly lit prohibition-style hall in a basement boiler room. Boiler included. Hosted by Brandon Whitehead. Normally a featured reading series, this edition is a special FountainVerse Open Mic.


Aztlan Libre Press, San Antonio, TX

Write Bloody Publishing, Los Angeles, CA

Cringe-Worthy Poets Collective Press, Buffalo, NY

Spartan Press, Belle, MO

Outlandish Press, Cleavland, OH

Epic Rites Press, Alberta, Canada

Kansas City Poetry Slam

Riverfront Readings

Latino Writers Collective

Local Guests of Fountainverse


Jason Preu is the author of six chapbooks, two full-length poetry collections, and a book-length illuminated poem. His poetry and short fiction have appeared in various anthologies and journals. Jason’s performative collaboration with composer, Brian Padavic, was the subject of the feature film, The Avocado Among Other Fruits, Live from Prospero's. In 2019, Jason released the album, threats, under the name, isyouisorisyouaint.

Jeanette Powers is a writer-artist, working-class anarchist, and listener of rivers and bats. They mess around, mostly, and are known to skygaze day and night. Powers is a founding editor of Stubborn Mule Press and an organizer for FountainVerse: KC Small Press Poetry Fest. They are also an art barista for Fictional Cafe and the singular subversive voice of Spartan Press’ developmental editing. What else? Their gender identity is currently holy person and their dog died this year which still hurts brutally. JP will be attending a month-long residency in Iceland in January of 2020. Find more at @dada_ahha and jeanettepowers.com

Samantha Slupski (she/her) is a Midwestern writer living in Austin, Texas. She is the former Program Director for Kansas City Poetry Slam, Poetic Underground, and founder of the Middle of the Mic workshop series. She has been a competitor at Texas Grand Slam, was a 2018 Nationals Team Member, competed at the 2019 Individual World Poetry Slam, and headlined the Melbourne Spoken Word Poetry Festival in 2018. She is currently a regular contributor to the blog, Pass/Fail. Her work centers around how a body survives trauma and aims to illuminate stories about mental health. To find out more about Samantha, visit her website at www.samanthaslupskipoetry.com or on Instagram at @samfromkc.

Brandon Whitehead has been a music/movie reviewer, short story writer, and famed robot fighter for over thirty years. He has read his poetry in strip clubs, graveyards, back alleys and the deck of a sinking ship. He has been a projectionist, violin player, live movie-riffer, gravedigger and bio-hazardous materials courier. His book of poetry "Thieves, Pharaohs & Mexican Daredevils" is available for cash money or good whiskey. You can find his shorty story collection "Outpost 4423 & Other Stories" at the Amazon Kindle site, if you're into that kind of thing. He currents hosts the Speakeasy@ Swordfish Tom's on first Sundays in a basement boiler room with a cocktail bar while dressed like a hobo from the 1920s'.

Charlotte Seley is a poet, writer, and editor from New York, currently residing in Kansas City with her cat, Lord Byron. She is the author of the chapbook DIE YOUNG: LETTERS TO KE$HA (dancing girl press, 2019) and the full-length poetry collection THE WORLD IS MY RIVAL (Spuyten Duyvil, 2018). You can find out more about her on the internet at charlotteseley.com.