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Aztlan Libre Press, San Antonio, TX

Write Bloody Publishing, Los Angeles, CA

Cringe-Worthy Poets Collective Press, Buffalo, NY

Spartan Press, Belle, MO

Outlandish Press, Cleavland, OH

Epic Rites Press, Alberta, Canada

Kansas City Poetry Slam

Riverfront Readings

Latino Writers Collective

Local Guests of Fountainverse


Fountainverse is organized by Jason Preu, Samantha Slupski, Jeanette Powers, and Brandon Whitehead.

Jason Preu is the author of a number of sonnets about your mom. His recent books include Small Facts(Eyewash Press, 2016), The Avocado Among Other Fruits (Spartan Press, 2016) and More Poems About Purple Wizards and Neon Bright Exceptionalism (EMP, 2017). In 2016, Jason’s performative collaboration with composer Brian Padavic was the subject of the feature film The Avocado Among Other Fruits, Live from Prospero's. He's served on the board of directors for Whispering Prairie Press. You may stalk Jason online at jasonpreu.com.

Samantha Slupski is a poet and mental health advocate based in the heart of the Midwest. She currently serves as the Executive Director of Poetic Underground, Slam Master of Kansas City Poetry Slam, a board member for Fountainverse: KC Small Press Poetry Fest, a 2017 ARTS KC grant recipient, and was voted the 2nd best spoken word artist in The Pitch Kansas City's Best of 2017. She has been published in multiple online publications, YouTube, and her debut book, "What Sits Between my Veins" (EMP 2017). She has been a competitor at Texas Grand Slam 2016, 2017, and 2018, toured nationally in Spring 2018, is a 2018 Kansas City Poetry Slam Nationals Team Member, and headlined the Melbourne Spoken Word Poetry Festival in 2018. Her work centers around how a body maintains survival through trauma, how she exists as a woman, and how she is learning to take up space. To find out more about Samantha, visit her website at www.samanthaslupskipoetry.com or on Instagram at @samfromkc.

Jeanette Powers is resident logistics guru and money charmer, which means plans and grants. She enjoys back-seat driving to the rest of the crew and drawing pictures of the poets. Powers also curates performing arts venue Arts Bar and is a fellow at Osage Arts Community. To You can find Jeanette at jeanettepowers.com or on Instagram at @novel_cliche.

Brandon Whitehead  has been a music/movie reviewer, short story writer, and famed robot fighter for over thirty years. He has read his poetry in strip clubs, graveyards, back alleys and the deck of a sinking ship. He has been a projectionist, violin player, live movie-riffer, gravedigger and bio-hazardous materials courier. His book of poetry "Thieves, Pharaohs & Mexican Daredevils" is available for cash money or good whiskey. You can find his shorty story collection "Outpost 4423 & Other Stories" at the Amazon Kindle site, if you're into that kind of thing. He currents hosts the Speakeasy@ Swordfish Tom's on first Sundays in a basement boiler room with a cocktail bar while dressed like a hobo from the 1920s'.