Charlotte Street Foundation | KC

Charlotte Street envisions Kansas City as a dynamic home for artists of various career stages and disciplines to thrive while serving as natural catalysts for an exciting, innovative, and culturally rich city. CSF identifies the needs and fuels the evolution of an ever-changing multidisciplinary arts ecosystem, acting as its primary provocateur. We being complexity, sophistication, and the unexpected to the cultural landscape of Kansas City.

Jump Start Art | KC

Jump Start Art is a non-profit foundation organized to assist emerging and self-taught artists by providing community spaces for creative growth, accessible workshops in the arts, and by connecting these artists to community resources in theater, visual arts, literary art, spoken word, and poetry both locally and nationally. We are an organization made up of artists, poets, actors, dancers, musicians and lovers of art who have benefited from the generosity of others and choose to give back some of what we have been given. We do this to build up the community we live in, reduce violence, enrich our cultural lives and to fill in some of the void left by reduced funding of the arts in the public schools.

Prospero’s Books | KC

Founded in 1997, this independent, used bookstore boasts three floors of books and media. Meet and take home the greatest minds in history, or join in on KC’s finest running conversations at the counter. 

Art in the Capsule Event Space Curated by The Smalter Gallery | KC

The Smalter Gallery is a resource and advocate for both emerging and experienced artists located in the 39th Street area of KC. The goal of the Smalter Gallery is to create a welcoming space for artists, so that they may make tangible their greatest aspirations. This is accomplished through close relationships with artists and comprehensive support packages that help the artist reach a wider audience. The gallery maintains an open door policy intended to encourage artists to feel comfortable sharing their concerns and questions with the gallery team. The gallery aims to curate an experience that leaves every patron – from a first-time buyer to an avid collector – feeling welcomed and comfortable.

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